Consultant on BRI andEcological Lines

Position: Consultant on BRI andEcological Lines

Report to: WWF China’scoordinators in Greening the BRI and CCICED work


WWF China’s Greening Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) Project aims to reduce environmental impacts of BRI to key ecosystems viaa series of policies developed by China and implemented by leading Chinesecompanies and banks in 5 BRI countries to support the implementation of greenBRI commitments of China. At the same time, WWF China aims to support China to driveambitious outcomes at the CBD COP 15 in 2020 that make up the global deal fornature.

China’s experience on Ecological Lines cancontribute to greening the BRI. As a member of the International Advisory Groupon Ecological Lines (IAG), WWF China will coordinate the IAG work in China andcontribute to the following objectives of a bigger IAG project: (i) develop adeeper understanding of the lessons from ECRL in China and possibleapplications to other countries; (ii) help identify practical opportunities forChina to raise the level of ambition for Kunming drawing on lessons from theECRL; (iii) identify opportunities for applying lessons from the ECRL tostrengthen national climate and/or biodiversity strategies and Green the BRI;and (iv) promote a shared understanding by international partners on how to usethe experience of China’s ECRL for ambitious outcomes in Kunming and Glasgow.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

To support Greening BRI project and deliver theIAG related work, the candidate will have the following specificresponsibilities in full consultation with WWF China’s respective coordinatorsin greening the BRI and CCICED’s work:

1. Candidate will coordinate IAG work in China, including theorganization of events and meetings with the Government of China as well asevents held in the run-up to and during COP15 in Kunming. Candidate will identify other institutions in China whomight be interested in joining the IAG and ensure regular and effectivecommunication across China-based IAG members.  

2.  Contribute to a study on lessons from the application of ECRL in China. Candidate will participate in ECRL site visits; Coordinatewith other project participants to liaise with the Government of China(Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, ChineseAcademy of Sciences, and others). Candidate will travel to select sites to interviewstakeholders, alongside Chinese government officials. As part of the draftingteam, candidate will contribute to other aspects of the study todetail the challenges and lessons learned from early ECL implementation.

3. In collaboration with the BRI Greening Coalition (BRIGC), China Councilfor International Cooperation on Environment and Development(CCICED) and otherrelevant partners, candidate will coordinate IAG work in China on how lessons fromECRL can support the Greening of the Belt and Road Initiative.

4. Candidate will participate in IAG meetings and support the workof the IAG in other ways, including by contributing to events organized by theIAG in China, identifying opportunities for the IAG to support an ambitiousCOP15 outcome, supporting UK-China policy exchanges in relation to COP15 andCOP26.

5. Project and budget management, communication with donors, and otherdonor and contractual responsibilities.

6.  Other tasks to support the cooperation with BRIGC and CCICED, includingrelevant internal desktop research, partner engagement, and events.

Working Period:

-       2021.1-2021.08

Main Outputs:

1. Analysisof early lessons from China’s application of ECRL with the Government of Chinato support applications to other countries and to promote internationaldiscussions, including under the CBD and UNFCCC.

a. IAGreport on ECRL applications in China

2. Collaborationwith the Government of China in organizing a successful CBD COP15 throughcontinuous policy dialogue and high-level roundtables.

a. Onepolicy paper with the IAG and Chinese experts on opportunities for applyinglessons from ECRL to the Greening the BRI

b.  Organizationof related events held at the CBD COP15 in Kunming and related preparatoryevents in China

3. Dailycommunication with BRIGC and CCICED secretariat to maintain the momentum and promotetimely mutual communications on IAG related work. A bi-weekly report/presentation/emailupdate/meeting to WWF China’s coordinators

4. Dailymanagement on the implementation of IAG work in China.

5. Otherrelated desktop research outputs & meetings as required.


1.  Minimum of5 years’ work experience on research, programme management, internationaldevelopment/international policy or a relevant field, either in an NGO or thepublic or private sector

2.  Preferredmaster’s degree in related area

3.  Excellentwritten and verbal communication skills in Mandarin and English

4.  Excellentpresentation, communication and facilitation skills

5.  A broadunderstanding of the various aspects of BRI Initiative, China domestic naturalconservation, and macro environmental governance development

6. Excellentinter-personal skills, and teamwork skills including ability to internalcommunication, open mind strategic think, self-motivated and innovative andmeet deadlines

Working time and location:

-       Based in Beijing (WWF Office)

-       At least 4 days per week (in the office), the candidatewill provide timesheets each month for payment

-       Competitive salary based on experiences andexpertise

Contact information:

ž•  Candidates should send a cover letter, CV in English and Chinese to

ž•  Please indicate the applying position in title, salary expectation in Email and send them in attachment.