Assistant Officer, Merchandise (周边产品)

Title: Assistant Officer, Merchandise  (助理项目专员,周边产品)        

Reports to: Leader, Merchandise            

Location: Beijing

Main Responsibilities:

1.   Responsible for daily operation and promotion of Tmall store and Taobao store, including but not limited to: Taobao SEO, Store and Title Keyword Strategy;

2.   Be responsible for the operation and management of products in the store, plan the store marketing activity, promote the implementation;

3.   The store is responsible for planning and operation of large-scale events, such as Double Eleven Day, Double Twelve Day, and other annual commodities festivals, and is responsible for data statistics at the later stage of the event, providing analysis report;

4.   Detect the operation of the same industry and market dynamics, and explore new business opportunities or commodities;

5.   Be responsible for coordinating the establishment of online customer service system on behalf of agent operators, timely adjust and solve the problems in the process of market and purchase.










1.   Priority: Minimum of 2 years’ general work experience, minimum of 1 year’s work experience of Tmall’s operation, practical personnel, strong practical ability

2.   A broad understanding of Tmall’s marketing rules, promotion and operation, able to independently plan and implement relevant platform festival promotion activities;

3.   Have the spirit of hard and tenacious career, love to create an independent brand business, with efficient executive ability;

4.   Excellent inter-personal skills, and teamwork skills including ability to internal communication, open mind strategic think, self-motivated and innovative and meet deadlines;

5.   Adhere to WWF’s values and conservation.

Outstanding background can lower work experience or education requirement.










Program Brief



Merchandise Team

WWF Merchandise Program is a raising project in the WWF that is full of innovation and broad expansion space. Through the design and development of environmental protection theme souvenir and merchandise products,and online and offline public and enterprise participation channels, Merchandise Team and its partners, on the one hand, publicize the concept and knowledge of environmental protection to more enterprises and the public, on the other hand, enable more enterprises and the public to support the cause of environmental protection in a diversified way. The team’s work draws on the first-line projects, and feeds back to the implementation of the first-line protection projects.




Contact Information:


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