Senior Program Officer, Forest

Main Responsibilities:


· Assistto develop and implement a comprehensive project strategy, and coordinate theimplementation team timely delivered according to the workplan, in order toachieve the project goals. This includes program planning, budgets andexpenditures managing, project progress monitoring, financial reporting etc.

· Assistto build, and maintain the strong relationship with key governmental agenciesand research institutions relevant to the recent protected area reform inChina.

· Workwith other NGOs who are also working in the same field and seek opportunitiesfor reaching the common conservation goal.

· Assistwith fund-raising efforts for the project, incl. development of proposals andreports, building relationships with funders, in collaboration with other teammembers.

· Workwith the other team members of WWF China and network offices colleagues toenhance WWF’s influence.




· Good knowledgeof national park system and recent protected area reform;

· A minimum of 5years program or other working professional experience;

· A Bachelor’sor above degree in relevant field, such as conservation biology, ecology, aswell as natural resources management;

· Excellent oraland written communication skills in English;

· Able to meetdeadlines, and effectively prioritize under time constraints in the face ofdynamic administrative, budget and political parameters;


Program Brief:


This is for Priority Project,National Park & CBD, led by Forests Practice under WWF China. WWF China setForests Programme since from 1996. Now it has extended its scope to forestlandscape restoration, sustainable forest management, green supply chainmanagement, China’s responsible overseas investment, and sustainableconsumption. The Priority project will get together the key expertise andresources of the office to reach a big conservation impact in a 3 years’ timebond period.