Program Manager, Water /项目经理,水资源

Title: Program Manager, Water /项目经理,水资源

Reports to: Deputy Pracatice Head, Water

Location: Shanghai

Major Functions:

The Programme Manager (PM) will be responsible to manage the current growing number of Water Stewardship projects in textile sectors, as well as to drive Water Stewardship’s expanding toother sectors. Through successful projects management and expansion, the PM is expected to maximum the impact of Water Stewardship programme and contribute to deliver both short-term and long-term Water Practice goal of Clean and Flowing River.


Programme management in textile sector(80% time)

Manage existing Water Stewardship projects in the textile sector through sensible management of project timeline, team and financial resources. Responsibilities including…

1. Oversee the annual work plan development by programme officer, making sure current donors are aligned at highest level;

2. Develop the budget plans for textile projects and act as the budget holder to ensure the financial resources are spent most efficiently;

3. Manage a team of implementation staff including programme officer and external consultants for projects delivery;

4. Monitor and control the projects implementation progress and conduct adaptive management when necessary;

5. Oversee projects reporting by the programme officer, ensuring project achievements and impacts are reported in an accurate and clear manner;

6. Oversee the internal project communications and coordinate communications colleague for external communications;

7. Manage relationships with key stakeholders such as donors, strategic partners etc.;

8. Lead project proposal development when needed.

Programme expansion to other sectors (20%time)

Lead the development of Water Stewardship programme overall strategy with the aim to drive programme expansion to other industry sectors. Responsibilities including

1. Identify Water Stewardship prioritised sectors and develop a strategy easy to accommodate different sectors and different geographic areas;

2. Build human capacity for delivering the Water Stewardship strategy through streamlining team structure and team coaching;

3. Work together with other functions to engage financial resources for programme expansion.



·  As the supervisor of the Water Stewardship Programme Officer;

·  As the supervisor of project consultants when appropriate;

·  Under supervision of the programme director;

·  Work closely with practice lead, as well as WWF network shareholders;

·  Work in collaboration with other teams within and outside Water Practice when necessary.



·  Serve as the focal point for water stewardship partnership including but not limited textile partners;

·  As the main responsible for partnership development with stakeholders in and beyond textile sector,including but not limited to corporates, industrial associations, academic institutions, and NGOs.


·  Master degree or above in a relevant discipline, for instance, Environmental Science and Policy, Sustainability, Communications, etc.;

·  Above 6 years working experience relevant to business sustainability, water conservation, CSR etc., with background in private sector is preferred;

·  Competent knowledge of inter-discipline topics such as water governance, corporate sustainability strategy, non-profits project management; 

·  Knowledge of textile,agriculture and other water dependent sectors will be an asset;

·  Strong leadership skills and proven team management experience;

·  Brilliant communicator with excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Chinese,ability to effectively communicate to different types of stakeholders;

·  Ability to work under pressure and prioritise various tasks with different deadlines;

·  Passionate,and committed to nature conservation.