Program Director, Wildlife

Position:           ProgramDirector, Wildlife

Reports to:         Practice Head, Wildlife

Location:            Changchun

MajorFunctions: The Director of wildlife practice is responsible to add value to achieve WWF mission, leading teams to ensure scalable conservationimpact in China and increased WWF China’s influence and recognition.

The Director of wildlifepractice needs to

·       Perform overall management to diverse teamsspread throughout the AHEC program, NEC tiger/leopard program, other speciesprojects, and ensure the synergy of related species program and other practiceprograms.

·       Is responsible for related strategies developmentthat can deliver WWF GPF and WWF China’s Conservation Strategy

·       Ensure the scalable conservation impactsand effective use of financial resources in the implementation of the strategy

·       Build strong partnerships and engage keystakeholders including Chinese government, NGO partners and WWF Russian &WWF Mongolian teams for the leverage and lasting impacts

·       Improve the expertise of conservation &program management

·       Represent WWF China for the topics of relatedspecies conservation within and beyond China.

·       Support WWF Network and China domestic fundraising.

MajorDuties and Responsibilities:

1.    Isresponsible for people and team management of the AHEC program, NEC tiger/leopardprogram and other species projects.

2.    Assemblethemes of protected area effective management, community sustainabledevelopment, ecosystem health assessment and climate change adaptation, policy &technology innovation, NGO and public engagement, to develop an integrated relatedspecies conservation strategy with a portfolio of fast development of China& pilot of global conservation innovation.

3.    Ensurethe cohesiveness and synergy within wildlife practice programs.

4.    Establishexpertise of program management & conservation that can enhance thelearning within wildlife practice’s programs and other practice or the world.

5.     Lead related policywork at national and international levels, with a particular focus on securingstrategic changes in national conservation policies, and developing thelinkages and integration of national and field activities.

6.    Developtools and materials for information, communications and campaigning on WWF’s wildlifeconservation activities

7.    Keepabreast with developments in the field and alert the WWF Network on emergingissues and trends

8.    Providetechnical, communications and marketing support, strengthen capacity and skillsto ensure effective implementation of the related conservation strategyfollowing WWF program standards.

9.    Beresponsible for proposal development, annual work plan and budget preparation,monitoring and reporting progress and results, and taking adaptive managementapproaches to ensure the effective implementation of these strategies andoperation plans

10.  Coordinate within all units of WWF Chinafor cross-cutting issues to ensure the scale of conservation impact andrepresenting related wildlife species conservation strategy in regions withinWWF China, WWF network and external partners including aid agencies, governmentpartners and non-government and private sector etc. in line with WWF Chinaconservation strategy and business plan.

11.  Work closely with the other directors andsenior expert of wildlife practice, WWFChina communication and corporate team,other practices likes water, C&E, policy, marketing, etc. to ensure thescaling up of WWF China’s conservation impact and influence

12.  Work together with the field stations’ teamsto strengthen partnership and collaboration with stakeholders such asgovernment agencies, academies, NGOs, private sectors and local communities asrelevant to achieve the Strategic goals/Objectives.

13.  Develop and maintain public engagement andadvocacy channels and platforms to engage public, NGOs, business communities,and policy makers

14.  Establish and sustain a network orstrategic alliances with other NGOs, donors and other potential partners toachieve the related wildlife species conservation strategy and WWF Action Planswithin and beyond China.

15.  Build and maintain relations with WWFGlobal wildlife practice and other practice, other Network offices and externalpartners, especially with WWF TAI, WWF Russian and WWF Mongolian teams

16.  Represent WWF China on topics of related wildlifespecies when engaging with WWF network and external partners including aidagencies, government partners and non-government and private sectors

17.  Work with fundraising team in response todevelop fundraising products and proposals, provide technical support in donoracquisition, engagement and retention

18.  Perform other tasks designated by thesupervisor

Internal Working Relationships

1.    Dailymanagement of AHEC program team, NEC tiger/leopard program team, other speciesteam and routine contact with WWF-China field stations.

2.    Routinecontact with other related program teams and units on ODD and operation teams.

External Working Relationships

1.    Regularcontact with WWF network donors, and related WWF offices

2.    Regularcontact with Government Agencies.

3.    Regularcontact with other donors including corporate, NGOs, media and main partners.

Qualifications Required

1.    Knowledge:A Master’s degree in conservation science or a related discipline, e.g.conservation,

2.    Projectmanagement or in a relevant field is preferred. Strategic thinking andvisionary

3.    Experience:Minimum of 10 years relevant work experience, first hand conservationexperience on WWF priority species in the field a distinct advantage. Provenmanagement of large scale programme. Hands-on experience in programme planning,project management and monitoring, as well as international conservationexperience will be assets.

4.    Skillsand Abilities: Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work withpeople of diverse cultures essential. Strong written and oral communicationskills in English and Chinese. Experience in working with teams andcoordinating team work will be essential, as well as building partnershipsoutside WWF. Creative, strategic personality in order to develop a plan fornature conservation in which partnerships with other people and organizationsplay an important role. Good working knowledge of computer and familiarity with the use of electronic media.

Program Brief

WWF China has been implemented Amur-HeilongEco-region (AHEC) program since 2006, Northeast China (NEC) tiger/leopard/migratoryfish/bird, green belt protected network of wetland and forest, sustainablebiomass have been as the core parts of WWF China AHEC program in theAmur-Heilong eco-region area. Working together with both global and localpartners, WWF China has been exploring wild species conservation by in-situdemonstration pilot, policy advocacy as well as public engagement, focusing onsecuring double wild tiger population size in the natural habitat, helping todeliver the commitment of global tiger-double with the whole WWF network. The AHECprogram and NEC tiger/leopard conservation coordinates within WWF China:wildlife practice, freshwater practice, communication team, corporate engagement department. Within WWF network: WWF international wildlife practice,freshwater practice, WWFUS, WWFUK, WWFNL, WWFDE, WWF Russian & WWFMongolian, etc.