To draft a proposed methodology and set of indicators to measure theimplementation of CCCMC Social Responsibility Guidelines as part of theSustainability in Chinese Outward Mining Investment Project



WWF China (Beijing Office) is looking for a Consultant to draft amethodology, proposed set of indicators and design and undertake some pilottraining/awareness raising activities to facilitate the implementation of the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals &Chemicals Importers & Exporters (hereinafter, “CCCMC”)Guidelines for Social Responsibility in Chinese Outbound Mining Investments(the “Guidelines”).


The Guidelines were developed by CCCMC in 2015/16 and WWF’s objective isnow to encourage their active implementation. The assignment will be the maininput by WWF China to assist CCCMC to improve the environmental and socialperformance standards applied to investments made by Chinese mining andinfrastructure companies overseas - primarily in developing countries.  


This consultancy can be undertaken remotely, but will require regular liaisonwith WWF China office. Also some travel to Beijing, China; Lusaka, Zambia andother African countries will be necessary.  It will also require developing and leading asmall team of experts in specialist areas covered by the Guidelines.


I.           OBJECTIVES


The main goal of this consultancy is to support WWF China in the developmentof the CCCMC guidelines for mining sector, towards promoting more sustainableand responsible Chinese outbound investments in the mining sector.


Additionally, the project will also provide capacity-buildingopportunities for Chinese mining investors in recipient African countries,identifying the sustainable challenges of Chinese mining companies operatingoverseas, and helping their capacity development needs towards theimplementation of the Guidelines.


The detailed Terms of Reference can be obtained from orwww.wwfchina.orgunder careers.  




2.1.    Knowledge/Expertise


·Expertise of company organization andmanagement systems and practices – with particular knowledge of environmentaland social responsibility performance standards and indicators in the miningsector.

·Proven expertise in designing andimplementing capacity building and training programmes  – especially in the mining sector.

·Familiarity with Chinese outwardsinvestment policies and recipient countries’ mining policies and regulations.

·Proven knowledge of relevantbenchmark indicators for implementation of best practices on monitoring andevaluation, specifically for the mining sector.

· Knowledgeof industrial, commercial and scientific aspects of mining, its environmentaland social hazards, current international environmental policies, economics,biodiversity implications and payment for ecosystem services mechanisms.


2.2.    Experience


·Demonstrated experience in thedevelopment of implementation guidelines in any country. Candidates withexperience in China and/or Africa will be given priority.

·Experience in working with a diverserange of stakeholders at local and national levels on environmental managementand policy. Candidates experienced with Chinese public officials, seniorcompany representatives and/or industry groups such as the CCCMC will be givenpriority.

·Extensive experience working withnational governments to advance environmental policies with a focus on bestpractices for extractive industries, particularly mining.

·Experience of working in developingcountries will be an advantage,


2.3.    Skills andAbilities


·Creativity and knowledge of frameworkapplicability in the particular context of the project.

· Excellent cross-cultural written andspoken communication skills.

·A resourceful approach toimplementation is required, dynamic and adaptable team player.

·Relevant experience in skills transferand building local capacity in African countries.

·Ability to conduct engaging publicpresentations on mining best practices before a diverse audience, andavailability to travel to said workshops in Zambia, and other recipientcountries.

·Ability to work to tight timelinesand delivery dates.


Before the Closing Date (August 3, 2017), interested applicants may submit their proposal stating the expectedconsultancy fee together with CVs of consultants to, or deliver to WWF China (Beijing) office at the following address:


3B, Building 2, No.22 Baiwanzhuang Street,Xicheng District, Beijing, P. R. China

Please quote: CONSULTANT OPPORTUNITY # 001/2017 inall correspondence.

For additional information or clarification, you can email to