Consultant, Oceans

Job Description

Position title: Consultant, Oceans
Directly reports to: Chief Programme Officer (or designated)
Period: 1 year
Mission of the Role:

WWF China is working with other international and local Chinese NGOs to build up the Oceans conservation field, which covers marine biodiversity, marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, ocean plastics, and international marine governance. WWF China will focus on organzing resources and expertise for WWF-led Oceans conservation efforts, as well as supporting other NGOs to work together for a common Oceans strategy platform through capacity building, resources mobilization, public engagement and project cooperation. 

The consultant supports the CPO to develop an Ocean strategy for WWF China by working with other Practice Heads, especially the Heads of Governance, Finance and Markets. The consultant will also work with various international and Chinese NGOs to develop the Oceans conservation field in China. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Ocean’s Strategy development: 
- Coordinating and working together with other Practice Heads in WWF China and global Ocean’s Practice Core Team in WWF Network, and relevant external partners to develop WWF China’s Ocean Strategy; 
- Facilitating and supporting meetings and/or workshops, consultation both internal and external partners throughout the development and review process of the Ocean’s strategy for WWF China;
- Participating relevant external and internal meetings and informing key messages from the meetings;
- Working closely with Practice Heads and teams, ensuring synergy and support, and strategic coherence among Practices;
- Supporting the development of the Oceans conservation field through working closely with WWF and other international and Chinese NGOs;
2. Fundraising: 
- Managing critical internal and external donor’s relationships, develop funding proposals with the support from Partnership and Development Director (PDD) and the CPO; 
- Developing ocean’s related campaign ideas for fundraising and public engagement, by working closely with the Public Engagement Director and PDD;
- Supporting the development of a common platform to enable Chinese NGOs to work with international foundations for Oceans conservation;
3. Advocacy and public engagement: 
- Incubating and developing platform to engage local grassroots NGOs, researchers, government agencies, international NGOs, business, and general public on critical Ocean related issues, raising awareness;
- Promoting WWF China’s brand and visibility among key external partners by working closely with communications team;
4. Undertake other tasks as assigned by the CPO. 

II. Qualification:
Minimum 3 years relevant working experience
Master degree or above in conservation relevant subject area
Outstanding coordination, management and communication skills (spoken, reading and written).
Proven record of outstanding project management
Able to work effectively with program teams at all levels of the organizations
Discrete and able to maintain confidence
Responsive, efficient and a positive manner 
Capacity and willingness to take initiative;
Creative and outgoing personality, with a deep commitment to nature conservation.
Ability to quickly adapt to new assignments and developments.
Good multi-tasking skills 
Ability to work alone as well as a team player
Ability to work under stress and complex environment

III: Working Relationships:
Internal: Interacts regularly with CEO, CPO, other Practice Heads and Leadership Team, and frequently contact with Management Team; Interact with staff; Regularly interact with different partners within WWF Network. 
External: Interacts with relevant government officials, business partners, NGO partners, donors.