Position: Administration Manager for Shanghai Hub/上海中心行政经理

Job Description

Position  职务 :  Administration Manager for Shanghai Hub上海中心行政经理
Location 工作地点 :  Shanghai 上海
Reports to汇报给 :  Head of Shanghai Hub 上海中心主任
Grade 等级 :  Manager 经理


To guarantee Shanghai Hub normal operation and support Shanghai Hub operation and administration work smoothly and cost-effectively, To assist head of Shanghai hub to improve processes and policies, manage administrative staff and play a role in long-term organizational planning


Major Duties and Responsibilities 主要工作职责:

1) HUB Administration 办公室行政:
HUB facilities maintenance on daily basis, e.g. electric devices, furniture, heating, air conditioning, etc. Arrange purchase of HUB facilities and other accessories including HUB suppliers and handling issues monthly or as required if any;
Assist other team members of Shanghai HUB with logistic arrangements whenever activities and campaigns carried out by  Shanghai HUB; 
Ensure WWF Shanghai adheres to a Green Office Policy. Maintain our carbon tracking data to understand how we are progressing against carbon reduction targets. 
Perform other related duties as required by Head of Shanghai Hub
2) Storeroom and File management 库房和文档管理:
In & out log keeping; goods are kept in good order; Book and Database keeping: insurance the clear book list, brochures  list labels in good order; 
保留物品进出库记录, 物品有序放置;书籍、宣传册子的归档、整理和保管。
3) Maintain WWF-Shanghai Hub fixed assets,including vehicle management:维护上海办公室的固定资产,包括车辆的管理。
Maintain WWF China fixed assets including the register and keeping records of Shanghai Hub vehicles, such as daily vehicle usage and services record, regular maintenance and check-up .etc,vehicle document keeping, such as Vehicle annual insurance documents, vehicle annual check-up documents .etc.
4) Safety management 安全维护:
Arrange Office property insurance; Ensure Office property safety, such as ensure against fire and theft.
5)Partnership maintain 合作伙伴关系维护
Assisting head of Shanghai hub to maintaining and development partnership and network with local partners,such Forest Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau,CELAP, Tongji University,Shanghai Natural History Museum etc .


1. Minimum of 8 years’ work experience in responsible positions relevant to this position;

2. A good geographical knowledge of the region;
3. Good knowledge of Word and Excel is necessary;
4. Good and experienced coordination,communication and presentation skills; 
5. Fluent speaking and writing in English and Mandarin Chinese.
6. Ability for teamwork and partnership development.
7. Driver license is preferable;

Contact information联系方式:

1. Candidates should send a cover letter, CV in English and Chinese to SHHR@wwfchina.org.

2. Please indicate the applying position in title, salary expectation in Email and send them in attachment.