Senior Officer, Project Finance

Job Description 

Title:Senior Officer, Project Finance

Report to: Finance Director, Project Finance Unit of WWF China Office


Main Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for overall financial management of WWF projects. To provide and develop project finance best practices across all offices in WWF China, to increase project performance by providing accurate and timely project financial related information.
  2. Responsible timely for preparing donors’ financial records, and ensuring compliance with WWF International and donors’ financial policies and procedures.
  3. Co-ordinate with Donors, project staff, finance team for all project management or reporting issues and help to solve problems on time effectively and efficiently.
  4. Finish other tasks that required by Finance Director.

Financial Management:
  1. Ensure that sound financial policies and procedures are maintained in project implementation in accordance with WWF International and donor requirements.
  2. Establish, update and maintain all relevant financial management documentations. Work closing with the conservation team in terms of proposal development, project planning & budgeting, and full term forecasting. In addition, assist and co-ordinate annual budget development according to donors’ contract requirements.
  3. Take the lead in developing and updating the project finance handbook and manual including processes, procedures and policies
  4. To develop 3rd party contract management tool using Excel, promoting efficiency of data input, payment request, AP and TP worksheet.  
  5. To be Super users for Account Receivables/ Purchasing Module / Account Payable in Oracle EBS to ensure smooth operating of financial system. 
  6. Take the lead in project audits and internal audits for field offices.
  7. Track the overall financial management of WWF field offices using appropriate financial analysis tools. Undertake visits to contracted projects to review administrative and financial status as and when requested by the Finance Manager.  
  8. Monitor & evaluate quarterly submission of financial reports from project and third parties to identify problems and solutions.
  9. Respond to project related financial queries from programme office staff, consultants, project staffs and donors.

Financial Analysis & Reporting:
  1. Provide timely and sufficient project financial analysis to project leaders and related project staff, present Project financial information at internal reviews, Business Operation Meetings and workshops. 
  2. To develop financial reporting templates using excel tools for analysis purpose and provide excel trainings to finance staff.
  3. Establish, communicate and implement project finance and reporting model 
  4. To Cooperate with WWF network and set up project tracking system
  5. To develop Project Financial Reports at different levels. (Project, Program, Biodiversity/Footprint) 
  6. Be responsible for quarterly financial analysis of project activities. Communicate with related project staff in a timely manner for better implementation process against the annual budget and work plan and monitor the use of project funds

Contract Management and Compliance:
  1. Manage donor and third party contracts, for those within and outside of China and the WWF Network, in line with WWF network standards.
  2. Review secured funding agreements from various donors. Keep Project Supervisors inform of contract related matters.
  3. Maintain risks assessment for donor contract and local partners outgoing contracts.
  4. Prepare requests for project payments based on approved budgets (contract payments, invoices).
  5. Collect and review third parties’ financial reports.  Review third parties’ expenditures to ensure that spending is in line with approved contractual budgets. In addition, co-ordinate timely completion of all programmatic reporting requirements.
  6. Call funds from donors as and when required.  Liaise with donors as and when necessary.

Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Knowledge: A degree in finance, accounting or business administration.
  2. Experience: Minimum 5-year experience in the field of accounting or project financial management is essential. Good interpersonal skills as well as day-to-day contact with a diverse working group are required. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain clear lines of communication within all levels of staff is necessary. 
  3. Skills and Abilities: Prior working knowledge or experience with Oracle Business Suite is a plus. Communication skills, coupled with diplomacy, numeracy are essential. The successful candidate will not only be meticulous and thorough, with a keen attention to detail, but will also be able to recommend changes and provide solutions to benefit both the unit and organization. Proven interpersonal and people-management skills, complemented by good written English. Strong financial skills, as well as a well-organised approach to work are necessary.